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Pros: Easily creates graphics and logs of all of your dives on Mac and PC computers. Features a number of modes to fit any type of diving style. Strong, durable, and stylish.
Cons: Does not feature USB output, although the wireless feature makes it unnecessary for most users. Watch-style size has smaller display than other wrist computers.
Recommended Uses: With optional wireless air integration, a freedive mode, and nitrox capabilities, the Suunto D4i is a great all-arounder for divers of all experience levels.

Full Review

The Suunto D4i dive computer is part of Suunto’s completely renovated D line of watch-sized dive computers and has a lot of features that haven’t been seen before in similar wrist computers.

The D line was first introduced in 2005 with the release of the D9, Suunto’s first watch-style dive computer to include things like wireless air integration, nitrox capability, and three gas mixes. With its stylish titanium casing, the D9 is still a bit too pricey for most recreational divers, however.

Luckily, Suunto made much the D9’s technology more affordable with the D6 and D4 watches. The D6 and D4 have now been replaced with the D6i and D4i. The “i” signifies that these watches now have an option for wireless air integration, though there have been a few other improvements as well (such as faster sampling for improved accuracy and underwater stopwatch capability).

For those who don’t know, the “wireless air integration” option includes a transmitter that attaches to your tank and sends a wireless signal to your watch so that you know how much air you have left. Pretty useful! Of course, you can get the same readings using a console mounted computer attached to a hose, but the wireless option is much cooler.

Usability and Features

The Suunto D4i is an excellent all-arounder watch-size dive computer. By “all arounder,” I mean that you have the ability to use it for freediving, air diving, nitrox mixtures, or just as a casual, sports watch. One potential drawback of the watch-sized computer is that you do sacrifice larger display size so that you can actually wear it as a watch without looking like Flavor Flav. That said, if you want one device that does it all, the D4i is a pretty great option. It has all of the following features::

  • Optional Wireless Air Integration
  • Nitrox Capability (21-50% O2)
  • Freedive Mode
  • Suunto DM4 software integration
  • Social sharing on
  • User replaceable lithium battery
  • Backlit display
  • Built-in dive planner
  • Time, date, and temperature
  • Adjustable for altitudes
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Wireless data transfer

The D4i allows you to experience diving as you were meant to. A diving expedition is supposed to be about having an adventure, experiencing true freedom, and sharing the experience with friends. The D4i makes all of that easy and integration makes it fun and easy to upload your dives and share them with friends. Plus, the D4i comes in a variety of cool colors, as shown below.

Suunto D4i Review

The Suunto D4i comes in a variety of flavors.


The Suunto D4i wrist computer features four different operating modes: watch, nitrox, air, and free dive. Below are a few of the features of each mode:

  • Watch: This should be self-explanatory, but this computer functions great as a watch and timer, even when not in the water.
  • Nitrox: Nitrox, using a mixture of gas, is easier than ever to keep track of using this particular wrist computer. The high tech way that it measures levels takes the guesswork out and factors in things that might be out of your control. The D4i works with O2 mixtures between 21-50%.
  • Air: This mode makes it easy to measure data during no compression dives, which can be an important part of learning to dive properly.
  • Free Dive: Free Dive mode is perfect if you have decided to seriously begin holding your breath. It can take depth measurements three times a second and help establish a decompression and ascent time that you can use on future dives when not using a tank.


The Suunto D4i wrist computer features the Suunto DM4 software. This software makes it easy to transfer the logbook data from the wrist computer into your PC or Mac. This data can later be uploaded to Suunto’s activity tracker and social networking site for sharing with your friends. Even before you begin your dive with the D4i, you can plan out the dive profile, check the gases, and even organize back up plans, all with the DM4 software on your laptop.

Suunto D4i Review

Suunto DM4 Software for Mac and PC

This is the best way to stay safe and be on top of all of the most important information. The D4i features a real gas calculation that takes into account things like compressibility and temperature at the time of filling to make sure that the gas blend matches what you have entered, not what is dictated by the other factors that can play a role. You’ll spend less time making adjustments to the dive plans and be able to spend more time enjoying the dives.

After the dive, this wrist computer also makes it just as simple to transfer all of the data related to your maximum depths, air consumption, nitrox data, temperatures, and dive profiles to your computer, along with all of the dive locations, equipment, friends, and other comments that you might want to record, making it finally possible to have a complete replacement for paper logbooks.

Finally, the simulator feature helps you learn to understand things like decompression theory, multilevel diving, and other factors that allow you to be a better diving instructor and student.


The Suunto D4i is incredibly compact for the amount of information that it processes and the overall strength of the wrist computer, especially when compared to similar models from other brands. The diameter is just 50mm, the thickness is just 16mm, and it weighs a mere 3 oz.

The wrist computer is also water resistant at depths up to 328ft (100m) and can last for dives up to 199 minutes in length. It can handle temperatures from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, making this suitable for almost all dives that most people will be taking part in, no matter what your skill level currently is, or you hope to ever reach.

Suunto D4i Review

The Final Word

Overall, the Suunto D4i is a new standard of excellence when it comes to diving wrist computers. This computer features almost every option that a diver could hope for, but certainly isn’t the least expensive option on the market.

What you get with the D4i, however, is an unheard of level of accuracy that can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to learning how to dive. It also means that this can function as a teaching tool that can help any instructor improve the knowledge of their students without having to involve guesswork. For those that have a use for, and can afford this computer, it is hard to do much better.

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Suunto D4i Dive Computer4.5Admin2016-04-01 00:41:29The Suunto D4i allows you to experience diving as you were meant to. A diving expedition is supposed to be about having an adventure, experiencing true freedom, and sharing the experience with friends. This wrist computer makes all of that easy and also helps keep an eye on all of the most vital information during your dive. integration takes that help to an entirely new level. Check Amazon Price…

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  1. The D4 came out before the D4i. I guess the main difference is that the D4i supports wireless tank pressure integration. There are a few other little differences too. For example, you can use the stop-watch under water with the D4i, which isn’t the case with the D4. The D4i also samples a bit quicker (3 times per second, versus once per second) allowing for more accurate dive profiles and stroke analysis.

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